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Anne Browse

Anne Browse

MWiB VicePresident 2017-2018

I took early retirement from teaching in July 2014 after working in the same secondary school in Devon for 34 years, a teacher of German and French but later taking on pastoral responsibilities and becoming deputy head. The opportunity to apply for the role of Vice President and President of MWiB presented itself just after I had made the firm decision to retire, and friends encouraged me to apply. I felt this was a door to be pushed and I am excited and humbled that it has opened.

My husband is chair of our Parish Council and also chair of the National Association of Local Councils. We have three adult children. We built up our beef farm over the years, living in caravans, building our own houses and sharing the care of our children as they were growing up. We  are members of our local rural Methodist church, and I have been a local preacher since 1987. Involvement in Girls’ Brigade in my teens and twenties was important to the development of my Christian faith, as was Sunday School in Berkshire.

The story of Mary and Martha always challenges me, as it presents us with the dilemma of achieving balance between being and doing. I am excited that MWiB aims to address these two priorities. Women standing alongside and in partnership with others, in Britain and across the world, offering prayer and appropriate practical support. Women seeking out creative ways of being in the presence of Christ, of developing relationship with God, of listening for his voice.