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MWiB Writing Competition

MWiB Writing Competition
January 15, 2018 Judith Simms
This annual writing competition is inspired by the life, writing and work of Revd Julie Hulme. Each year submissions of meditative or reflective writing are invited, of no more than 500 words, in prose or poetry, on a given theme. Each must be an original piece of work, not previously published either in print or electronically.The competition is open to British residents, male and female, aged 16 or over, other than the organisers, judges and relatives of theirs. The 2019 competition will be launched in December 2018.

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Julie was a Methodist minister and a prolific writer. She was the last President of Women’s Network in 2010-11, becoming the first Vice-President of MWiB in 2011-12. Julie’s approach to prayer was always enquiring and explorative, asking basic questions such as “What works for me in prayer?” and “What doesn’t?” and most important of all, “Why?” and “Why not?”

She explored forms of spirituality developing outside the Church, especially as these related to the building of confidence; how ‘everyday’ faith empowers us; how such ‘everyday’ faith is related to various aspects of contemporary culture and how a greater understanding of ‘everyday’ faith can revitalise Christian spirituality. Her main method of research was to pay close attention to her own responses, explore the ideas in relation to the Bible and express what she was discovering in writing and in art.

She died of cancer in early 2014 in her mid-50s, leaving behind a rich legacy in the form of her writings on the theme of Abundance. This material was made available on the website some months after her death.


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