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Meet, Listen, Eat, Go!

Meet, Listen, Eat, Go!
August 2, 2018 Judith Simms

We invite you to take part in the first joint initiative of our new partnership with Touchstone, launched earlier this year. The theme is:

which invites you to:

Meet  someone who’s different from you
Listen  to someone who needs your ear
Eat  with someone and get to know each other better
Go!  with someone else or on your own, to take a walk or make a change

You can do this as individuals, in pairs, or as a group. When you have done one or all of these, write about your experience on a piece of paper. You don’t need to add any personal details—just a few words about what you did and what you learned. The paper should be white and A7 (7.5cm x 10cm).

Please decorate the reverse with cloth, and post it before 31st August 2018 to:

Touchstone, 32 Merton Road, Bradford BD7 1RE

We will roll up your story and carefully put an elastic band around the outside to form a little tube, and these little story tubes will be gathered together in bowls on a long table where others can gather, unfurl your stories, and themselves be inspired to

Touchstone is a ‘listening community’ with the vision of making safe places of hospitality where people who are radically different can listen to and with each other. Based in the heart of Bradford, Britain’s most Muslim city, Touchstone has worked alongside diverse communities for 25 years. The Touchstone Centre is sponsored by the Methodist Church in Britain and is open to all.

MWiB’s partnership with Touchstone has enabled them to complete work on their new premises, providing a more welcoming space, to enable people of different faiths and backgrounds to:
~  understand each other
~  take time to listen to the struggles and experiences people have
~  understand the relationship between England and Pakistan
~  learn to be confident about what Jesus means to us
~  be proud of West Yorkshire people and their heritage
~  have fun together doing creative activities whilst listening to stories

There will be an official opening ceremony for the new premises in September (details to be announced), and the 2019 Easter Offering will also take up the ‘Meet, Listen, Eat, Go!’ theme under the title ‘Longer tables, lower fences’ (based on an anonymous quotation: ‘If you have more than you need build a longer table not a higher fence’).