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    Hilary Evans

    Hilary Evans

    MWiB Vice President 2021-2022

    Hilary is MWiB Vice President, 2021-2022.

    I have been involved with Methodist churches all my life, and held a variety of different roles at local and district level, for example Church Steward, Circuit Steward, and member of the Southampton district Probationers Committee.

    My husband and I met at Methsoc in London when we were students. We have two  daughters, both happily married, and between them five delightful grandchildren.

    Since retiring from teaching in 2009, I have become more involved with the Methodist Women in Britain movement, becoming a Forum rep for the Southampton District in 2016. I increasingly realised the extent of projects, and the potential in developing links with other organisations such as, ‘All we Can’,’ Touchstone’, the’ Joint Public Issues Team’, that sought to raise awareness of needs, promote the empowerment of women and girls, and offer practical support where appropriate.

    During my teaching career I worked in schools across the social spectrum, and particularly enjoyed those schools with a rich social mix. It was a delight to observe children’s progress and seek to provide opportunities for individuals to attain their potential. This transferred to supporting adults to improve their confidence and skills as I progressed to headship.

    My upbringing and experiences made me very aware of justice issues, and I am keen to encourage and support everyone, but especially girls, to attain education and learn skills that will enable them to live a worthwhile life.

    I hope that working together across the MWiB network we can find ways to promote the work of MWiB, and raise awareness within and beyond the Church of all that goes on., and in so doing improve the life chances and opportunities for more women. I have become increasingly aware and concerned about the growth of human trafficking. It is such a hidden problem, but is happening in every country in the world in various forms. The primary underlying cause is poverty, and research shows that education provides the best route out of poverty. So I pray that we, as an organisation, can find ways to prevent more people becoming trafficked over the next few years.

    As MWiB President, and now Vice President, I have enjoyed working with other women, seeking creative ways to promote the movement, and meeting many people from across the connexion.