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Denise Creed

Denise Creed

Yorkshire North & East District

Denise is Forum Rep for the Yorkshire North and East District, 2018-2021.

Born in Birmingham and trained as a Librarian, working for Birmingham Public Libraries until a Covenant Service challenged me to look to serve God full time.

In 1988 I took a job in a Christian Hotel meaning to be there for at least 10 years, and heard about the Diaconate which had just re-opened, I thought I would apply to become a deaconess (as we were then) when I left the hotel. God had other plans and I left the hotel in less than six months completely broken in spirit and wondering what God really wanted. Through support, though I felt useless, I was encouraged to try for the Diaconate and after a year of interviews etc, unbelievably I was accepted in 1990.

Biggest lesson I learned was God wanted just me, not what I could do for him or be for him!

After 2 years theological training at the Queen Foundation Birmingham, I was sent to Coventry, initially for 3 years but they kept me for 6! Serving a Mission and Central Hall, living in the inner city and using Coventry Cathedral to worship in! I was then sent to the Harrow Circuit for 5 years to serve in three churches, a very different and affluent area but with its own needs. Being so near London, it was a very busy and noisy place to be. It was whilst I was there that I became very involved in Network.

The following 3 years I served in the Heaton and Wallsend Circuit, Newcastle District with responsibility for pastoral work. And then 5 years in the Neath Port Talbot area of South Wales, in a circuit that covered town, valley, seaside, industry and farming. I was then sent then to Westminster Central Hall, where I only served for 3 years, as an accident (falling down stairs) meant I had to move to somewhere with less travelling and was sent to serve in Lytham St Annes. During my time there I had the privilege of serving as MWiB District President for one year for Lancashire District. I am now working as a Deacon in the South Holderness Circuit, and serving as Forum Rep for the Yorkshire North and East District.

Odd facts

  • I was named after my father’s best friend Denis who was killed in the war. (I dislike my name, as Denis the Menace comes to mind, but can’t imagine being called anything else)
  • I was born on 5.5.55 on my sister’s 3rd birthday.
  • Despite looking so unhealthy and overweight I actually exercise regularly! Life is so unfair!