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    Prayer Diary – June 2017

    Prayer Diary – June 2017
    June 7, 2017 Judith Simms

    [Download the full April-May-June prayer diary below]

    Week commencing 3rd June:

    Remember those meeting for the MWM conference at Swanwick this weekend particularly as they look at the theme of migration and hospitality. We also pray for the Superintendents’ conference, meeting in Blackpool next week.  On the 50th anniversary of the beginning of the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza we pray for a lasting peace in the Holy Land. And we pray for our own country as we go to the polls in the General Election.

    Day 3     South East District Rep Carol Jewell and Finance Officer Gillian Womersley

    Day 4     Beds, Essex & Herts District Rep Jenny Broadbridge and Midlands & Southern District (Ireland): MWI President Gillian Kingston, World Fed Rep Elsie McDonnell

    Day 5     Birmingham District Rep Carole Trigger and our Helen Kim Memorial Scholar (Britain) Rachel Allison

    Day 6     Bolton & Rochdale District Rep Anne Cash

    Day 7     Bristol District Rep Carolyn Buley, and

    Lakelands District (Ireland): MWI President Ruth Morrow, World Fed Rep Marion Henderson

    Day 8     Synod Cwmru Rep Margaret Moran, Wales Synod Rep Ronnie Dean

    Day 9     Cumbria District Rep Delphine Gratrix, Communications Officer Jude Simms


    Week commencing 10th June:

    Pray for the meeting of the MWiB executive on Tuesday at MCH – for Anne Browse as she prepares to hand on the presidency to Sandra Goodwin, and for the rest of the exec, Gillian Wolmersley, Jude Simms and Carolyn Lawrence, as well as Gillian Collins, our note taker for this meeting.

    Day 10   Channel Islands District Rep Pam Gidney, and

    North West District (Ireland): MWI President Anne Fallows, World Fed Rep Rachel Fallows

    Day 11   Chester & Stoke District Rep Chris Thompson

    Day 12   Cornwall District Rep Anne Cresswell

    Day 13   Darlington District Rep Celia Shires, and

    North East District (Ireland): MWI President Sally Rock, World Fed Rep Joan Russell

    Day 14   East Anglia District Rep Heather Sorrell, Women’s World Day of Prayer Rep Irene Hayes

    Day 15   Isle of Man District Rep Lesley Bridson

    Day 16   Leeds District Rep Doreen Whittaker, and

    Belfast District (Ireland): MWI President Brenda-Anne Duncan, World Fed Rep Violet Craig


    Week commencing 17th June:

    Pray for those preparing to meet at conference next week especially those probationary ministers preparing for ordination. We also pray for Sandra Goodwin as she prepares to be commissioned as the new MWiB President at the MWiB fringe event next Friday. At the beginning of Refugee Week we also remember all those who are displaced from their homes and those who seek to help them.

    Day 17   Lincolnshire District Rep Rita Rowe

    Day 18   Liverpool District Rep Janet Walton

    Day 19     Manchester & Stockport District Rep Angela Doyle

    Day 20   Newcastle-upon-Tyne District Rep Judy Tasker

    Day 21   Lancashire District Rep Linda McCall, and

    Down District (Ireland): MWI President   vacancy, World Fed Rep Liz Russell

    Day 22   Nottingham and Derby District Rep Sue Palmer

    Day 23   Northamptonshire District Rep Nina Rawlins


    Week commencing 24th June:

    We remember all those arriving for conference today and pray for the incoming President Rev Loraine Mellor and Vice President Jill Baker as they take up this new office.

    Day 24   Plymouth & Exeter District Rep Deborah Kirk, Helen Kim Scholar (Ireland) Wanda Hogan

    Day 25   Sheffield District Rep Ann Taylor, and

    Portadown District (Ireland): MWI President Dorothy Harrison, World Fed Rep Helen Moorehead

    Day 26   Southampton District Rep Hilary Evans, WFM&UCW World President Alison Judd

    Day 27   West Yorkshire District Rep Glenys Vere

    Day 28   Wolverhampton & Shrewsbury District Rep Joan Wickett

    Day 29   York & Hull District Rep Elaine Turner

    Day 30   Scotland District Rep Kate Curtis, Shetland District Rep Sylvia White, World Federation Area President Louise Wilson, and World Federation Area Vice President Carolyn Lawrence



    Prayer Diary April-May-June 2017 609.03 KB 135 downloads