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Advent Reflection 1 – Sunday 2nd December

Advent Reflection 1 – Sunday 2nd December
December 3, 2018 Judith Simms


The door is open so enter in,
The first has gone,
Then the second,
Now the third but still four beckons.
A little surprise behind each one,
A tree, a star,
A mini chocolate bar!

Be prepared to welcome your Christ
As your own kin;
The door is open, so enter in.

– – – – –


This Advent will you light a candle of hope?
Will you be a candle of hope?
Will you be the light that shines bravely, a pinprick of light, breaking up the darkness?
Shine into the darkness, despair and hopelessness.
The light of hope shining until it cannot be missed, or ignored.
Will you be a candle of hope, of hope founded on God and his promises to us?



We are asleep.
It’s dark and we long for the morning
When light will shine.
How long do we have to wait?
We sleep because it’s like forever;
We are impatient for the light.
What if he comes this Christmas,
With his head crowned with light?
If this is to be,
Then it’s high time to awaken!


‘Advent Candle’ © Sue Walkington, 2016 and Advent reflections © COGS Creative Writers, Knaresborough Methodist Church, North Yorkshire.
These reflections are not available to download.