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Advent Reflection 2 – Sunday 9th December

Advent Reflection 2 – Sunday 9th December
December 8, 2018 Judith Simms


The door is open so enter in,
The first has gone,
Then the second,
Now the third but still four beckons.
A little surprise behind each one,
A tree, a star,
A mini chocolate bar!

Be prepared to welcome your Christ
As your own kin;
The door is open, so enter in.

– – – – –


This Advent will you light a candle of welcome?
Will you be a candle of welcome?
Will you be the light that shines a welcome to all you meet?
Shine to welcome the lost, the lonely, the unloved.
The light of welcome, shining to greet our Saviour.
Will you be a candle of welcome in the name of Jesus?



OK, so here’s the thing:
God gets a young girl pregnant.
She’s rather stunned to say the least.
Sex before marriage is what it looks like.
Her relationship nearly breaks up.
Then she’s on the move in late pregnancy.
Then she has to have the baby in a smelly cattle shed.
Then she’s a refugee, on the move again.
What’s that about?

GOD WITH US that’s what.

Before time, this was on God’s mind.
Sometimes He surprises us.
Sometimes things seem to be going downhill.
Sometimes we’re out of our comfort zone.
Sometimes we find ourselves alone, in the shadows.

God is with us.

OK, so here’s the thing.

Do we, dare we believe in a supernatural God?
Do we trust Him in all circumstances?
Do we want to be cosy, or confronted?
Lord, my answer here is often ‘No’.

But God is with us.

Like never before we begin to understand
and know that God is FOR us, not against us.
That He gives and takes away.
Because He was there in the young woman.
In the cattle shed. On the road. He LOVES us.
Do we get it? Do we show it?

This Advent I will look again at God made man.
At God with us.
I will believe.


‘Advent Candle’ © Sue Walkington, 2016 and Advent reflections © COGS Creative Writers, Knaresborough Methodist Church, North Yorkshire.
These reflections are not available to download.