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Advent Reflection 3 – Sunday 16th December

Advent Reflection 3 – Sunday 16th December
December 15, 2018 Judith Simms


The door is open so enter in,
The first has gone,
Then the second,
Now the third but still four beckons.
A little surprise behind each one,
A tree, a star,
A mini chocolate bar!

Be prepared to welcome your Christ
As your own kin;
The door is open, so enter in.

– – – – –


This Advent will you light a candle of joy?
Will you be a candle of joy?
Will you be the one that sings the message,
joy to the world, the saviour comes.
The light shining when all seems bleak and joyless.
Will you be a candle shining with the joy of knowing Jesus?



‘Maranatha,  come Lord Jesus’

Have you ever heard the phrase
‘Be careful what you wish for?’

‘Come, Lord Jesus’
Are we ready for that?

Are we ready for this controversial life style
Where the first shall be last
And the last first?

Where rough uneducated folk are given
Huge responsibilities
Of building Kingdoms?

Where prostitutes, tax collectors, lepers and
All sorts of undesirables are
Given equal shares and rights?

Where migrants, refugees, the displaced,
Vulnerable and homeless
Are put on a level with polite society?

Where money isn’t everything and
Possessions and status unimportant
But treasure in Heaven is?

Where ambition, pride, love of power,
Is not our prime motive
But God’s work is?

Jesus turns the world upside down
With His words, actions and ultimate sacrifice.

Love, grace, compassion, equality,
Forgiveness, selflessness.

Have you ever heard the phrase
‘Wish what you care for’?

Maranatha, come Lord Jesus
As Advent advances into birth.


‘Advent Candle’ © Sue Walkington, 2016 and Advent reflections © COGS Creative Writers, Knaresborough Methodist Church, North Yorkshire.
These reflections are not available to download.