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Advent Reflection 4 – Sunday 23rd December

Advent Reflection 4 – Sunday 23rd December
December 22, 2018 Judith Simms


The door is open so enter in,
The first has gone,
Then the second,
Now the third but still four beckons.
A little surprise behind each one,
A tree, a star,
A mini chocolate bar!

Be prepared to welcome your Christ
As your own kin;
The door is open, so enter in.

– – – – –


This Advent will you light a candle of love.
Will you be a candle of love?
Will you be the one that loves the unlovely,
going the extra mile for those that others reject.
Will you be a candle shining to say God so loved the
world that he sent his only son to save us.



Burden of anticipation
Weighing heavy on the heart,
Waiting for the culmination-
Dread thought, could all fall apart?

Many recognise the feelings,
Straining nerves and trembling hope,
Wild or wonderful occurrings,
Challenging our strength to cope.

Final chapter, long awaited,
Christ our Saviour here again.
Do we doubt and fear expected
Joy will be alloyed with pain?

Do we find we’re asking questions
Of the Man who set us free?
How can all our failed intentions
Not destroy our liberty?

No! Clothed in Christ, redeemed we’ll stand,
Worshipping on that Crystal  strand.


‘Advent Candle’ © Sue Walkington, 2016 and Advent reflections © COGS Creative Writers, Knaresborough Methodist Church, North Yorkshire.
These reflections are not available to download.