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History and structure

History and structure
June 27, 2013 Alison Judd
  • Formed in 1929 by women of the Methodist Episcopal Church of USA, the first charter was signed in 1939 by 27 countries. In 1956 it was reorganised to become a truly worldwide Federation, its new charter signed by 42 Units. Now more than 60 belong to the Federation.
  • Areas: The World Federation is organized into 9 geographical Areas: Southern and East Africa, West Africa, Latin America, North America, East Asia, West Asia, South Pacific, Europe- Continental, Europe- Britain and Ireland.
  • Units: The term “Unit” is used to denote the national organizations.
  • The World Federation is affiliated to the World Methodist Council but is autonomous in its programme and constitution. It holds an Assembly and elects officers every five years. It is maintained by gifts, offerings and annual voluntary contributions from the member units.
  • World Officers are elected every 5 years at the World Assembly.  The current world officers, who will finish their term of office in August 2016 in Houston, Texas are: World President: Ann Connan (Australia), World Vice President: Regula Stotz (Switzerland), World Secretary: Carla Boyce-Smith (Panama)World Treasurer: Leu Pupulu (New Zealand) and President Emerita: Chita Milan (Philippines)
  • You can find out more by visiting the WFM&UCW website.