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12 July 2015 – The Gift

12 July 2015 – The Gift
July 12, 2015 Hazel Parsons

She came, Lord,
With a beautiful bunch of rosebuds
and a smile.
I smiled with joy
but my heart sank
Tomorrow those roses would dip their heads
and droop,
If not tomorrow then they would do.

Three weeks later the opened buds were still in gorgeous splendour.

Teach us, surprising and amazing God,
To look beyond our fears built from dismay
To our hopes grounded in the love of Christ.
In our everyday living remind us that you allow us
to open like the rosebuds
with beauty and fragrance and
You sustain our drooping heads.

As we open ourselves to you this week
May our lives be fragrant to others;
May our touch be compassionate
And our hearts be warm
So that we open ourselves
To those whom you have placed
Alongside us.

Hazel Parsons

Reading: Isaiah 61:1-3
StF: 707 Make me a channel of your peace


From July 2015 the prayers will be written and illustrated by Hazel Parsons of the Plymouth and Exeter District.  We hope that you will be able to use the prayer, reading and suggested hymn in various settings, on your own or with others.