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09 August 2015 – Exhilaration

09 August 2015 – Exhilaration
August 9, 2015 Hazel Parsons

Loving God sometimes we feel exactly like those children.
We want to leap up in the air,
Arms thrown wide and shout with the joy of living.
Even those of us who can no longer even attempt that
Leap for joy inside
Exulting with praise
And thanksgiving.

Generous God, you who have given us hearts to love
Voices to praise and sing,
Help us this week to thank you wholeheartedly;
To gaze through the Scriptures,
Through the whole of Creation
And see your hand at work and at rest.

Jesus, we have pictures running through our memories
Of your journeys:
With your disciples;
With the crowds that followed you;
With the lone visitor at night.
You were there in the midst,
You were there in doubt,
You were ready to engage in conversation.
So, remind us to share our excitement
At belonging to you,
Our wonder at your constancy
Our faith in your presence.

Then will we leap for joy
As the prophet Isaiah proclaims
Then will we dance
As David did so long ago
And we will proclaim your name
In the place where we live.

Amen                                 Hazel Parsons