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Herbs for Healing

Herbs for Healing
August 16, 2015 Hazel Parsons

It is all such a worry, Lord,
Such a worry.
Is there no safe place in this world?
Nowhere to go
Away from danger?

The beach- a place of relaxation
Turned into a bloodbath;
The quiet village
Invaded and children abducted;
The ancient cities, ruins already I know,
Despoiled, the past eradicated;
The fields bare for the rains have not come;
The field flooded for there is too much rain;
The sun scorching;
The wind scouring….

O Lord our God
Where are you?
So the prophets and the psalmists cried
Long, long ago;
Their cries echo down the years.
Like them our words of anguish must needs
Answer with our trust
Our faith
Our belief in you,
Our merciful God.

You heard our cries and sent Jesus.
His hands healed and comforted,
He had compassion on the sinner
And the weak,
He loved and loved
Revealing the depth and breadth
The height and infinite measure
Of that Love.

We are a part of
What we have learned to call
Our broken world,
So use us
To touch tenderly,
To speak compassionately,
To go readily,
To accept your sending
That we may be as healing herbs
In a hurting world.
For the sake of Jesus
And in the power of his Spirit
Amen                              Hazel Parsons

Reading: Psalm 77
SthF. 615. Let love be real in giving and receiving

Reading: Luke 24:13-35
SthF. 136. Morning has broken