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    Peace be still

    Peace be still
    August 23, 2015 Hazel Parsons

    Here will I sit Gracious God
    And contemplate the wonders
    Of the earth, your Creation.

    Here will I sit
    And listen for your Voice
    In the murmuring of the gentle breeze;
    Or in the wild call
    Of the wide wing-spanned
    Soaring majestically
    Across your Heavens.

    Here will I sit
    And feel the touch of your Hand
    As the grass brushes my arm
    And the quivering stems
    Remind me of your gentleness.

    Here will I sit
    Absorbed by the tenacity
    Of the Rock against the onslaught
    Of the sea
    And know you are there
    In the midst of struggle
    And of danger.

    Here will I sit soothed
    by the gentle rhythm of the Deep;
    Then, rising,
    I will walk with you
    Back across to where
    The world waits.
    Amen                          Hazel Parsons

    Reading: Colossians 3: 12-17
    SthF. 467. I need thee every hour