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    Offer of district training events

    Offer of district training events
    January 6, 2016 Lynne Ling

    MWiB has partnered with Shoreline Conversations to produce 2 packs Aloneness and Journeying Spiritually with Children.

    Training in the facilitation of spiritual conversation is also on offer to districts. MWiB will subsidise the training costs by £45/person, and will ask the individual (or circuit/district) to cover the remaining £45.

    The idea behind the ‘conversations’ is to stimulate thought, imagination, prayer and sharing in a small group, and intentionally in the presence of God. The aim is to encourage an open, non-judgemental, sacred space within which participants can be themselves, question, discover, and grow spiritually.

    The packs are beautifully produced with thought-provoking images and space for notes. There are 7 conversations in each pack. To date, packs have been produced on the themes of: Glimpsing God, Aloneness, Journeying Spiritually with Children and Pilgrimage.

    Each small group meeting runs to a recognised format including an introduction to the theme, time for individual reflection on the subject material, followed by conversation shared on the result of the reflection.

    ‘Conversation’ comes from a root word meaning ‘to live together’. ie it assumes a network of relatedness within the group, which encourages the possibility that your ‘truth’ can sit alongside my ‘truth’.