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    17 January 2016 – An Ancient Site.

    17 January 2016 – An Ancient Site.
    January 17, 2016 Hazel Parsons

    Lord God I look at these stones,

    Here they lie,
    The remnants of the buildings of ancient civilisations.
    Oh, we can see the skills and wonder about the past,
    Indeed, we may be fascinated,
    Especially when we consider how few tools
    They had.
    But, there they are,
    Tumbled in a heap
    All gone.

    We may walk amongst
    The shattered columns
    Yet also aware
    Of the constant battle
    Within humanity
    Of creation and destruction.

    Forgive us yet again,
    Gracious and merciful God
    For the way we put our trust in wealth;
    In the things of this world,
    Forgetting the magnificence
    And munificence of all you give.

    Let us, this New Year
    Learn again the value of
    Friendship and loyalty
    Of love and generosity.
    Help us to long ever more deeply
    To gain the Fruits of Your Spirit:
    Kindness and self control, gentleness,
    Forgiveness and tolerance
    So that we may walk in the places of
    Tumbledown dereliction
    Bringing hope and harmony.

    We pray especially knowing that this year
    Will be filled with conflict and fear
    For far too many people.
    Give us the grace to tread thoughtfully
    And caringly amongst the ruins.
    For the sake of Your Son
    Who walked the road of sacrifice
    For us.
    Amen                                 Hazel Parsons

    Reading: Jeremiah 52:12-27
    (This is a difficult reading
    Very relevant for current issues)
    SthF: 714. The God who sings