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    31 January 2016 – Playtime

    31 January 2016 – Playtime
    January 31, 2016 Hazel Parsons
    31Jan2016 rotated

    A little voice seems to ask me,
    So I ask you, too,
    “Where is your playtime?”
    You know, that time when you put
    Duty aside,
    When the Puritan inside you lets go
    And the frivolous joy of living

    You know- that time when you toss stones in a pool
    Watching the circles move out,
    Or skim them across the surface
    Watching the bounces with glee,
    When you hop and you skip and you fling your arms wide
    Just for the joy of it all
    (as long as no one is looking.)

    You know- when you play with a child
    And ENJOY being ‘young’,
    Though your knees and your arms
    Don’t obey as they did.

    Hello, my Loving God, I hope
    You didn’t think it
    A waste of my time.

    I thought I heard you chuckle too,
    I thought I heard a gasp of breath
    As I tried to jump over the fence
    I am sure you were there
    Enjoying it too.

    Remind us Lord, that you created us
    To enjoy all that you have made.
    Thank you for fun

    Hazel Parsons

    Reading. Luke 12:22-34
    SthF. 61 our God is a great big God