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07 February 2016 – A Shared Birthday Cake

07 February 2016 – A Shared Birthday Cake
February 7, 2016 Hazel Parsons

The soft glow of the candles on the birthday cake
Lights the face of the great grandmother
As together she, and her great grandson,
Blow and blow –
The candles flicker and stay!

Jesus, I find myself thinking,
(Yet again!)
About sharing.
You chose, yes, chose,
To share your life with us.
You travelled rocky roads, slept rough,
Gave up on comfort,
So that we should understand you truly desired
To be one of us;
So we could know that you really understand.

Ash Wednesday approaches and we find ourselves
Drawn to travel the road with you again.
We may not travel it very well, but we know you will
Provide us with the glimpses we need.

I wonder-
Do you smile, Jesus, as you look over my shoulder
And see this lovely picture?
I wonder-
Does this bring back warm memories
Of your earthly family?

Oh, Lord, we all try to share in our families.
You know it is not always easy.
Yet, maybe, sometimes you look over our shoulders
And whisper:
‘I understand, take heart, be merciful and loving.’

The candles are blown out,
The children giggle,
The moment has passed,
The cake is cut and shared.

Thank you, my Lord for being there.

Amen.                                     Hazel Parsons

Reading: Mark 3:31-34
SthF: 238 lead us, Heavenly Father, lead us