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    13 March 2016 – What a muddle

    13 March 2016 – What a muddle
    March 11, 2016 Hazel Parsons

    Lord, I have to admit that my mind
    Can be in a muddle
    a bit like this drawer.

    I keep ideas, washed and neatly put away
    For they may be needed some day;
    Then other ideas are dropped on top of them
    And I forget all about the ones
    Already stored.

    I want to do better.
    I do try:
    I tidy things up-
    Write those letters
    Make phone calls,
    Pay visits,
    Heave a sigh of relief,
    And then, when I look,
    The drawer is as bad as it was before.

    ‘Look carefully’, you seem to say,
    ‘Exactly what is in this drawer?’
    Clean containers, useful tools, cleaning cloths,
    Things that will come in handy, one day.
    ‘Do you open it?’  You ask.
    Yes, that is the problem
    I rummage to look
    and drop things in.
    Oh Lord it is such a mess.

    You look at me and smile
    And I know suddenly
    That a useful ‘drawer’ allows for emergencies,
    For the unexpected need.
    I am quiet and plead:
    Just help me to keep my mind tidier,
    So I can find the right word,
    Your Word,
    The right touch:
    Your touch;
    And smile or weep
    In your name.

    Amen.                            Hazel Parsons

    Reading:  James 3: 13-18
    SthF 504. May the mind of Christ my Saviour