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    20 March 2016 – Palm Sunday

    20 March 2016 – Palm Sunday
    March 18, 2016 Hazel Parsons

    A donkey, cloaks and Palm branches!
    Palm Sunday.
    As a child I loved that day:
    So full of joy and shouts
    Of acclamation.
    I wondered why each hymn we sang
    seemed to echo with darkness and death.

    These days I see Palm Sunday
    And that gentle donkey,
    As a sad comment on humanity.
    We don’t really know what we want,
    We go with the crowd,
    We don’t stop to think,
    We forget;
    Especially we forget
    The lonely figure on the Cross,
    As we decide what is right or wrong in church.

    He weeps
    Not for himself
    But for us.
    For the tangles we make,
    For the hurts we cause
    For our failure to see
    Beyond ourselves.

    These days I no longer see the Triumphant entry
    Quite as I did as a child,
    Because I see the fickleness of the crowd
    The sadness of the man
    Who longed to gather us all
    Under his wings
    And keep us safe
    But we would not.

    So we pray
    Forgive us
    Gentle Saviour
    Open our eyes, our hearts
    Our minds.
    Forgive us
    As the robber beside you
    Was forgiven.

    Father Forgive

    Hazel Parsons

    Reading:  Luke 13: 31-35
    SthF 265. Ride on ride on in majesty