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Tuesday 22 March 2016 – Transforming the World from the Kitchen

Tuesday 22 March 2016 – Transforming the World from the Kitchen
March 22, 2016 Anne Browse
Dresser at Epworth Old Rectory

When I first visited the Old Rectory at Epworth I was unable to visualise the MWiB exhibition in the rather dark back kitchen.  There was a tall display board in the centre of the room which blocked out much of the light which came through the windows and so we asked for the board to be moved and modified.  As a result there is now more natural light entering the kitchen and additional lighting will be installed this week.

Today’s photo, taken when I was at Epworth last weekend, shows the dresser, decked now with various items donated to the Methodist Women collection.  In the centre is Susanna Wesley’s work box, which had previously been on display in another part of the house.  To the left of the dresser is a memory box, created to draw attention to the current MWiB focus on Dementia Friendly Church.  I am pleased that we have an opportunity to use our history in this way – to quote Dr Jill Barber, “Heritage is not about preserving the past. It is about using the past to challenge the present, and help determine our direction of travel. Heritage is the gateway to story. Artefacts, the ‘stuff’ of heritage, may be hooks which draw people into that story, encouraging them to talk, and see how it connects with people today.”