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    Easter Day 27 March 2016 – The Kitchen Angel

    Easter Day 27 March 2016 – The Kitchen Angel
    March 25, 2016 Hazel Parsons

    This is my kitchen Angel.
    I looked at her and thought
    ‘ Was that how the Angels felt on Easter Day?’
    Our Easter Day angels are white and pure and clean
    Of course they are Lord.
    But did they feel all colourful and brilliant
    Wishing to scatter glitter and dazzle and brightness?
    Fizzy with Joy?

    Lord, you know this angel:
    A gift from a four year old grandchild,
    A Christmas Angel.
    But this year I gazed at her place
    Just inside the back door
    And suddenly
    She seemed to shout
    ‘Alleluia, Christ is risen
    Did you think I only belonged to Christmas?’

    Risen Lord
    You brought, and you bring, colour and life,
    Energy and hope
    Into the world we inhabit.
    By your death and resurrection, Jesus,
    Hope surges through our veins
    Despite all that the world tries to destroy.

    In the days to come may we remember that hope-
    Sprung from the heart of a loving Father,
    Poured into our hearts by the compassion of Christ
    And nurtured by his Spirit.

    Alleluia!  Alleluia! Alleluia!
    Glory be to the Father
    To the risen Son
    To the Holy Spirit
    For ever and ever

    And the kitchen Angel laughed
    As she sang:

    Hazel Parsons
    ( with thanks to the Christmas Angel)

    Reading: Luke 24:1-12
    SthF.: 292. After darkness light, after winter spring