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    10 April 2016 – Marbles

    10 April 2016 – Marbles
    April 8, 2016 Liz Marriott

    I like marbles.
    They remind me of my childhood,
    Of other children
    And of the way,
    suddenly way back then,
    there were toys in the shops!

    But really I like marbles because
    they are like little worlds within a sea, a bubble, of glass.

    I can imagine I am holding a world
    In the palm of my hand
    I can imagine you, Lord,
    Holding me in the palm of your hand
    Or even this planet
    I can imagine you holding it
    And gazing at the intricacy of design
    And breathing your own life into it.

    As I look at this collection, I think too
    Of your disciples gathered together
    After Easter
    All different
    Yet all yours
    Ready and waiting to be dispersed.
    To find their way into other pockets of the world.
    To be treasured
    Even smashed,
    All for the sake of
    The Kingdom.

    Loving Lord
    Help me to be like the marble
    Fragile on the outside in my humanity
    But glowing and full of colour
    On the inside,
    Because you are at work in me.
    Amen. Hazel Parsons

    Reading: Job 36:22-33
    SthF:725: As the glory of creation; 727: God in his love for us