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    Friday 8 April 2016 – pilgrims on a journey

    Friday 8 April 2016 – pilgrims on a journey
    April 8, 2016 Anne Browse
    Pilgrimage to Lindisfarne

    We are pilgrims on a journey…

    The walking pilgrims have arrived safely on Lindisfarne and we will look forward to hearing the stories which they choose to share on their return. Some stories will be shared, others will be stored and perhaps never shared. Stories of personal, inner pilgrimage and encounter.

    The walking group has undertaken a deliberate, intentional, physical pilgrimage. Every day many of us set out on mini pilgrimages as we choose to journey with God and with others along the route – helping each other to carry loads; holding light for each other when the way is dark; reaching out mutual hands to support each other through tricky stretches of the way. Walking together, weeping and laughing together, keeping on keeping on together.

    We are pilgrims on a journey…

    Anne Browse