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    24 April 2016 – Open to God

    24 April 2016 – Open to God
    April 22, 2016 Liz Marriott

    Loving God, like these shiny tulips we want to be open to you.
    The warm sunshine encourages their petals to spread wide
    Attracting bees and insects to pollinate
    For reproduction.

    On sunshiny days
    Our hearts open
    With songs of gladness and praise.
    On sunshiny days
    We welcome others
    With delight and smiles of pleasure.

    As the light slips away
    The tulip petals close
    Protecting the heart of the flower.

    For us
    Days of sadness, of darkness,
    May close our hearts too.
    We may withdraw into ourselves
    Shutting out the pain and hurt
    Closing up

    But we are not tulips
    We are people deeply loved by You
    Warmed by you,
    On the darkest days
    You reach within our coldness
    Our sadness and hurt
    To the very depths of our being
    And you wait.

    Slowly our hearts open
    To others;
    Slowly the warmth of your eternal and internal love
    Eases us open;
    We turn with renewed joy
    To your Love and Grace.

    As we reflect on that first Easter
    We see how gently you teased open
    The hearts of your friends,
    Helping them to respond
    To the New Truths
    The New promise
    The New Hope
    That Resurrection brings.
    Lead us, too, into that openness.
    Amen. Hazel Parsons

    Reading: John 14:15-31
    SthF:327. Jesus is King and I will extol him

    Liz Marriott