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    01 May 2016 – And Then?

    01 May 2016 – And Then?
    April 29, 2016 Liz Marriott

    Lord, I have been thinking….
    ‘That is a good idea,’ I hear you say.
    So I have been thinking about those friends of yours
    After that first Easter Day.

    Within their joy at seeing you
    They must have been at least
    A little confused,
    Mustn’t they?

    For some of us Easter is not all unbridled joy,
    It may be tinged with sorrow,
    Longing, regret.
    It may be a time of difficult memories.

    That makes me think, Lord,
    That it would have been like that for them, too.
    They, too, would have been wondering
    Just what it all meant for the future,
    And whether you would now be there

    The deep joy we all feel is not akin to happiness,
    It is something of substance, unshakeable
    Within the traumas of life, of
    Everyday living.

    We all have to learn and relearn
    That following a Risen Lord
    Is not a promise of ease and comfort
    But a beckoning towards the light
    Of Resurrection through sacrifice and obedience.

    Your friends at first hid behind locked doors,
    We, too, sometimes wait
    For the sense of call.
    And yet always we are called
    To be alongside you in a world of pain and hurt,
    Bringing that sense of Glory –
    Which is your kingdom
    Here on earth.

    Grant us the courage to respond:
    To journey hard roads
    With the deep joy of
    Resurrection Promise.

    Amen                                   Hazel Parsons

    Reading. 2 Cor 6:1-10
    SthF 296 Christ has risen while earth slumbers