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    08 May 2016 – Comfort

    08 May 2016 – Comfort
    May 6, 2016 Liz Marriott

    Loving God this is a picture of children,
    Your children,
    Anywhere and everywhere.
    Your children comforting each other,
    Enfolding and sharing.

    We, as adults, look and make warm comments:
    ‘How lovely’, ‘ Look at them’.
    Yet how often as adults do we long to hold another
    Just for comfort,
    To enfold and bless with touch?
    Yet we refrain.
    This is suitable for children, not us,
    And too often we step back from this
    Most gentle, warm embrace
    With odd embarrassment.

    We have learnt to limit our instinctive
    Reaching out.
    Oh, gracious Lord, forgive us
    For misunderstandings and misinterpretations
    Of the very human gift of warm embrace.

    Loving Lord you spoke to Mary in the garden and asked her
    Not to cling.
    Does that not tell us that she was used to giving you
    A warm hug;
    Now and again?
    We may all have to learn to let go,
    As she did,
    Yet we need to remember that comfort
    Is a very tactile gift,
    When words are not enough.
    Please help us all to see your face
    When we embrace,
    And offer warmth and comfort.

    For the love of Christ
    Amen                                  Hazel Parsons

    Reading: Matthew 19:13-15; John 20:11-18
    SthF 510 Says Jesus, ‘Come gather round….’