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15 May 2016 – Pentecost

15 May 2016 – Pentecost
May 13, 2016 Liz Marriott

Blaze the colours:
Red, vermilion, orange, crimson,
Wave the bright flags
Swirling, dipping, swooping, dancing;
Raise the voices:
Laughing, singing, praising, cheering;
This is Pentecost!

Brave the crowds
Believe the good news
Welcome courage
Banish fears
For this is Pentecost!

And yet, most Gracious God
If we do this at all
We do it inside our comfy walls
Where none can see and we feel safe.
To do it elsewhere feels distinctly vulnerable
Awkward and faintly
Yet this is Pentecost.

Sometimes we do defy our own prudent behaviour
And use a football stadium –
Politely, neatly, uncontroversially.
We might even make a joyful noise.

Why is it that we find Pentecost
So difficult?

Gracious God
Maybe we are afraid of all the power
You might release which would
Indeed change us.
Maybe we hedge our bets and celebrate
But oh so sensibly.

I have a feeling that first Pentecost
Was not so very sensible,
Rather rowdy
Non conformist
It was Pentecost
The Spirit

Celebrate Pentecost
Amen and Amen and Amen
Hazel Parsons

Reading: Acts 2
SthF 384 Holy Spirit rain down, rain down