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    29 May 2016 – Wisteria and Washing

    29 May 2016 – Wisteria and Washing
    May 27, 2016 Liz Marriott

    I look out of the kitchen window
    The morning is beautiful!
    The wisteria dripping with sprays of lilac blossom.

    I reach for a camera and go out
    To capture the moment-

    Lord, what I see when I look at the photo
    Is the intrusion of washing.
    I am annoyed,
    The picture is spoiled.
    I take more
    Excluding the washing.
    Yet somehow that photo is not binned
    But kept.
    When I come to choose
    That is the one that says
    ‘Use me
    I am what life is about,
    Beauty and chores,
    All mixed up.’

    ( The fragrance of clean washing
    Is as fragrant as the wisteria,
    I muse.)

    Father life just doesn’t come in neat pockets of
    Joy and Sorrow
    Work and Pleasure
    They tangle with each other
    Threading through,
    Muddling along.
    They only spoil our lives
    If we seek to hold them
    And not entwined.

    Reality lies in acknowledging the mix,
    Revelling in diversity,
    Smiling through tears,
    Finding wellingtons for the floods
    And sun cream for the heat of the sun,
    And a hat.
    Reality lies in the ferocity
    Of the storm
    And its intrinsic

    Hold us together
    Gracious God
    So that Wisteria and Washing
    Go hand in hand,
    As Crucifixion and Resurrection
    Speak of your acceptance of
    The reality that is
    Our life on earth.

    Amen Hazel Parsons

    Reading: Matthew 5:1-12
    SthF. 516. What shall I do my God to love