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05 June 2016 – Out and About

05 June 2016 – Out and About
June 3, 2016 Liz Marriott

The long days are with us.
Daylight clear and clean
stretching out in hope
in eager enthusiasm.

Lord, we know soon the tilt of the earth
will return us
to the shortening days.
But whilst the daylight is long
encourage us to use it well.

This is the time when we are outside
more easily.
We may meet strangers strolling –
along rivers, canals, through woodland,
fields and meadows,
in towns and cities.
So often we avoid eye contact,
look down,
hesitate to smile or greet.
Yet we know how this, so simple action,
lifts hearts, encourages

Jesus, I can’t imagine you
casting your eyes down!

I think of the ten lepers
coming towards you –
not only did you see them,
you saw their marginalisation
and gave them back their dignity.
Though only one returned to give you thanks,
the rest were still made clean.

Sometimes I stop and
pass the time of day with strangers,
and, if I am honest,
I feel a little glow of warmth,
because it seems that you, too,
were there.

Loving God, we have taught ourselves
to be cautious, to heed warnings,
and thereby cut ourselves
adrift from normal and natural
human communication.
We must of course, take care,
be aware,
well, I suppose we must;
but also we must recognise that
you are present within humanity,
And greeting thus each other
we do indeed greet you!
Thanks be to you most Gracious God

Amen                                Hazel Parsons

Reading Romans 2:1-11
SthF 618 Sacred the body God has created