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    6th November 2016 – Wreathed in Smoke

    6th November 2016 – Wreathed in Smoke
    November 4, 2016 Judith Simms

    Earlier the flames roared,

    But now the old roots lie


    In their death throes the stark beauty of the

    Upturned roots

    Makes me pause.


    I ask the question:

    What caused the death of this tree?

    Old age?



    I do not know.

    Yet I do know its ashes will

    Lend nutrients to the earth

    To which it returns.


    Yet again I am reminded,

    Most Gracious Lord,

    That nothing ever goes to waste.

    Not really.

    The wonder of your creation

    Is that recycling is inbuilt.


    But I look again and see,

    Within the smouldering ash,

    A tiny spark,

    Clear and clean.

    I am reminded that,

    However dull and smokey

    Life may seem to be,

    Yet the spark of Your Love,

    Precious Saviour,

    Warms and renews each soul,

    Even in death.


    This is the time of the year

    When we remember:

    Remember past wars,

    And then regret

    That war still

    Devastates the earth.

    We pray for pity

    For the refugee and fleeing exile,

    For humanity to wake

    And think again.

    To contemplate the cost

    Of pride and vanity

    And grieve the loss of every life.


    Teach us, Father,

    That we must turn to you

    In life;

    But that,

    In our departing

    We can trust that you will

    Come to meet each one and

    Call us Home.

    We pray for comfort and for hope;



    Reading. John 11:1-44

    STF. 612. God give us life,when all around spells death


    Prayers for November written by Hazel Parsons