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13th November 2016 – Water Power

13th November 2016 – Water Power
November 11, 2016 Judith Simms

We have learned to create


Which, in turn, create reservoirs

Of water.

Without them

Our water supply

Would fail.


Watching the water streaming through

We recognise its sheer

Force and power.

No wonder we see Jesus as

The Water of Life!


We cannot live without water;

Jesus came to reveal

That without God in our lives

We are not fully alive.


Jesus, we sometimes see you as gentle,

Forgiving, loving,

Seldom perceiving,

(as this picture reveals,)

The full force of your Life.

All too frequently we pay lip service

To the might and majesty

Contained within your life;


For otherwise it would

Swamp, consume and destroy

Our own fragility.


You ask to dwell within us,


In so doing,

You bring the life giving,

Life changing


Which empowers and releases us.



You trust us to share

The reservoir of water

You place in our care,

With other thirsty people.

Thank you for your trust.

Give us the courage and the wisdom

To know how to share

That precious gift,

To help your Kingdom grow.



Reading John 4:4-15

STF. 343. All my days I will sing this song of gladness


Prayer for November written by Hazel Parsons