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    20th November 2016 – Making Marks

    20th November 2016 – Making Marks
    November 18, 2016 Judith Simms


    Lord, I took one look at these heavy tractor treads and

    I thought:

    What a lot of mud they have stirred up!

    The grassy verge destroyed,

    Deep ridges for puddles to form

    And walking to become,

    At the very least,



    Such very negative thoughts

    As I snapped the picture.

    But, Lord, I have been thinking.

    Tractors are very necessary,

    They have eased a heavy burden.


    Sometimes change has to be big and bold;

    It has to disturb,

    To trouble and upset,

    In order to make a difference.


    There are people who

    Are called by your Spirit,

    To disturb and challenge and

    To move mountains.


    Others are asked to work quietly,


    Their footsteps hardly

    Imprinting on the earth,

    Yet making a difference where they are.


    Both are needed,

    To work for Justice and for Peace.

    Neither has an easy task.

    One will be condemned for being noisy and disruptive,

    The other pushed aside as



    You need both workers

    Gracious Lord.

    Help us to recognise

    Which one we are

    And help us to respect,

    Uphold the other.

    For your kingdom’s sake,



    Reading. 1Kings 18:1-15. Read on for the well known story

    STF. 715. The right hand of God


    Prayers for November written by Hazel Parsons