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27th November 2016 – Still Water

27th November 2016 – Still Water
November 25, 2016 Judith Simms

Just look at the vibrancy of the colour,

The pattern and the richness.

The waters of the canal are quiet,


Disturbed only by the paddling feet of

Ducks and moorhens

And of course the wonderful swan family

Which has so wonderfully

Graced it this year.

A flash of brilliant blue

Reveals the kingfisher,

And overhead the buzzard mewls,

Birds sing in the hedgerows.

These are bright with hips and haws

With Old Man’s Beard and scarlet

Berries of wild briony.


Walking along, a song of praise

Surges up and softly spills into the cool air.


Still waters allow for different growth,

They may encourage stagnancy,

Yet sometimes we need the gentleness of stillness

To pause,

Take stock,

And listen for

The quiet voice of God.


There is a time for the gurgling brook and rushing river

But there is time too

For the stillness of

The gentle quiet canal.


Thank you Lord for being in all that

You have made.



Reading. 1 Kings 19:1-15

STF 495. Dear Lord and Father of mankind


Prayers for November written by Hazel Parsons