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4th December 2016 – Preparation

4th December 2016 – Preparation
December 2, 2016 Judith Simms

Sometimes we long to ask,

Gracious God,

For you to come with power, with majesty

And might – to strike awe

Into the peoples of the world.

We want you to

Make a Difference:

To challenge and punish brutality;

To soothe and disperse depression;

To heal, make whole, the sick.

This is what we want:

The list is endless.


But it seems to me that what you want

Is quite different.

You want hearts that are open to you,

Minds that choose your way

Not their own,

You want us to be free:

Free of the ties that bind us to greed

And power, envy and self serving.


You want to release generosity

Hope and love

Into a sometimes loveless world

That you, beyond our understanding,

Go on and on



As once again we prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus

Renew our hope,

Open our eyes to see the good and the positive;

Open our hearts to seek healing for those

Whose dark thoughts

Damage themselves and others.


Loving God, we look for your coming

And find you already here.


We praise and glorify your Holy Name



Reading:   Jeremiah 1:4-8, John 3:16-21

STF 174     Light a candle in a darkened place


Prayers for December written by Hazel Parsons