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11th December 2016 – A Voice in the Wilderness

11th December 2016 – A Voice in the Wilderness
December 9, 2016 Judith Simms

Sometimes, Lord, I wonder about John the Baptist.

People came from far and near to hear him,

So, did he have a charisma beyond the stern exterior

With which we colour him?

I wonder.

He was an authentic prophetic voice

Such as we still need to hear

From time to time,

But tempered with the mercy and compassion

Which changes lives.


Like those of old he responded to your call and had vision


We too can respond to vision

Offering the hope

Which, travelling with you,

Becomes a part of us.


Grant us a sense, this Advent,

That all is not forlorn,

Nor lost.

The prophetic vision these days

Sends some out into the streets

To tend the homeless, lost, unknowing,

To reach a hand to pull them up

And seek to set them on their feet.


Loving God we look for your coming

And find you already here.


We praise and glorify your Holy Name.




Reading: Luke 3:1-6, (7-14)

STF 173   Into the darkness of this place


Prayers for December written by Hazel Parsons