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    18th December 2016 – Decorations

    18th December 2016 – Decorations
    December 16, 2016 Judith Simms

    Christmas decorations festoon our streets,

    Our houses and our shops.

    They sparkle and glitter

    Bringing a glow of happiness

    Into the dark evenings.


    Yet, these small raindrops,

    Caught in the filigree of a busy spider’s web,

    Sparkle and glitter

    In the morning sunshine.

    They remind me, Lord,

    That despite whatever we may think

    Or fear,

    Your created world

    Is full of marvellous

    Celebratory decoration.


    Those prophets of old

    Caught glimpses of glory

    Amidst the warnings of


    They dreamed of a time of peace,

    Of the transformation of hatred to




    So, still we dream.

    We watch the films of refugees and migrants,

    Of flood and fire,

    Of war and earthquake,

    And we long with aching hearts for change.


    As we hang up our decorations

    Sing carols, pray and hope,

    The sparkling spider’s web

    Is transient,

    Has disappeared

    Even as I pray.

    Yet it tells me that, should I open my eyes,

    I should see your hand at work.


    Loving God, we look for your coming

    And find you already here.


    We praise and glorify your Holy Name




    Reading: Isaiah 63:7-10

    STF 183   Praise to the God who clears the way


    Prayers for December by Hazel Parsons