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Christmas Day 2016 – Nativity

Christmas Day 2016 – Nativity
December 23, 2016 Judith Simms

A Deeply Joyous Day to all


Lovingly we have unpacked the little family,

the shepherds and the wise men,

and set them out.

Mary usually seated dressed in blue –

We are heedless of the travelling and the trauma of birth itself;

Joseph, upright holding a stave,

accepting this role with which we seem to leave him wordless;

And the Infant –

The tiny baby whose vulnerability

each year reminds us that

this is truly Christmas.


Some years we can feel the reality of the story

as we watch the news

and know that, like so many,

Mary and Joseph are the victims of imposed authority;

like so many their child was born in the equivalent of a tent.


Father, how can we not learn?

We sing the carols, some with strong lyrics,

we support Crisis at Christmas and similar charities

and yet know not how to meet the unending need.


Gracious God you did not scorn to share our humanity

in all its muddles and heart rending troubles.

Instead you simply chose to be alongside us so we could truly sing

Immanuel God With Us and know it to be true.


This day bless all those who serve Christmas Dinner

To the homeless and hapless;

Be with the lonely and neglected;

Speak with those whose trust and belief

Has gone astray:


Loving God we looked for your coming


Today we greet you

Born in Bethlehem

But living within us

Ever more



Reading: Luke 2:1-20

STF 176   Like a candle flame


Above is the picture of my kitchen Angel.

I used her/him for the Easter Sunday Prayer

and suddenly thought this is the right picture for today.

The Angel lives just inside the back door

and is a constant presence, whether or not I take notice.

God is constant whether or not we notice!

Christmas Blessings! Hazel


Prayers for December by Hazel Parsons