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    1 January 2017 – Snowdrops

    1 January 2017 – Snowdrops
    December 30, 2016 Judith Simms

    Little blue green shards

    Pierce the wintry earth

    Even in the darkest frostiest days.

    Enclosed within the shards are tiny glimpses

    Of the pure white petals



    Snowdrops Lord!

    The deepest fall of snow, the iciest days

    Leave them curiously free from damage.

    Their fragility allowing them to bend

    With the weight of snow

    Their strong leaves encasing and protecting them.


    Wintry days reveal the hidden strength

    Of such fragility.


    But, Lord that brings me to a sudden

    Flash of Light,

    Your Light.

    For many there is so much wintry darkness in the world;

    Darkness of the reality of turmoil, trouble and dismay;

    Darkness of spirit and of deep depression; a lack of hope.

    Yet, in the midst of this

    Fragile lives seem to grow strong,

    Fragile people turn to you and gathering their hopes

    Say we will stand up and shine a light,

    Your light

    Most gracious God.


    The year has turned and so must we:

    We must turn to you

    The God of all hope

    And we must trust that,

    Finding our voices,

    Speaking up for all in need,

    We call forth afresh

    The mighty Spirit in our lives and world.


    By your Grace and in your Name

    We will.




    Reading: Acts 2:1-21

    STF 383  Holy Spirit gift bestower


    Prayers for January by Hazel Parsons