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15 January 2017 – Wintry Worship

15 January 2017 – Wintry Worship
January 13, 2017 Judith Simms

I am struggling God, my Father;

I am struggling to find the right words;

Words which will help

And not hinder;

Words which will not be platitudes;

Words which when lifted from the page

Will fly up to you

And be real,

I am struggling.


I am searching, Compassionate Jesus,

For an image to offer

To those

Who at wintry times

Struggle to find words to express

Their deep despair,

Even whilst smiling and carrying on

As if in the midst of Spring or Summer.


Struggling and searching.

Holy Spirit, suddenly

I have an image of a frosted rosebud –

It is extraordinarily beautiful.

Its perfect winter shape shines with the icy particles.

I do not know whether it opened,

Or whether the frost curtailed its life.

I do know it was a beautiful sight

On a wintry day.


Merciful God, we struggle

With our own lives.

Sometimes they are cold and bitter,

Sometimes they are empty or curtailed,

Sometimes it is almost impossible

To make our eyes shine

With your love.


Keep us aware of your Cross,

Of life hung up to die;

Breath struggling and gasping;

Yet spirit still forgiving –

Even in what felt like

True desertion, desolation.


With Resurrection you brought forgiveness

Not retribution!

Gave us a hope

When all hope seems frosted and destroyed,

Taught us to see beyond the emptiness.


Holy Trinity,

Father, Son and Spirit,

When our lives are wintry

Frosted by bitter weather,

Reach out for us that

We may reach out for you.

Then, as we struggle to find a little spark

Of Spring deep within our very being,

May we catch a glimpse of the

‘Rosebud’ that we are

and know

We are beautiful

To you.




Reading: Psalm 13

STF 306   Now the green blade rises


Prayers for January by Hazel Parsons