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    22 January 2017 – Clay Pots

    22 January 2017 – Clay Pots
    January 20, 2017 Judith Simms

    Lord, I have gathered together

    Lots of clay pots,

    Ancient, very old, a bit damaged, fairly new,

    Large, small, tiny.

    I love these earthen ware containers.

    They remind me that the common clay

    Can be transformed into something beautiful.


    These pots are cherished.

    Some, outliving their usefulness,

    Are simply enjoyed,

    Others still work as containers,

    All are the result of a potter’s hand

    Turning the clay.


    When all the trappings of our lives are stripped away

    We are left like these clay pots.

    Unadorned, their simplicity of form

    Design and the texture of their touch

    Being all that makes them

    What they are –

    Yet they are more.


    Our lives once stripped bare

    Reveal the essence of our being.

    We pray that you may find us beautiful;

    That we have not despoiled your design beyond repair;

    That you, seeing into our very selves,

    Still love us

    Though we are cracked and worn.


    Look tenderly with mercy on your people

    And give us strength

    To love you more.



    Reading: Ephesians 3:7-20

    STF 618   Sacred the body


    Prayers for January by Hazel Parsons