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    29 January 2017 – A Basket of Hope

    29 January 2017 – A Basket of Hope
    January 27, 2017 Judith Simms

    We are ashamed, Loving God,

    That, in this world of plenty,

    So many go hungry.

    We are mortified that in our cities, towns and villages,

    Here in the prosperous West,

    So many sleep in doorways, beg for food,

    And, even in work, have insufficient food to feed their families.


    The words of the prophets of old

    Ring harshly in our ears,

    Because we know it should not be like this.

    Justice, mercy and love

    Should colour our lives our country, our world,

    More readily.

    But they do not.


    Loving and merciful God,

    We know that you see the plight of strangers and of friends,

    We know that you are eager to work with us.

    One tiny light does make a difference,

    But many lights shine brighter,

    And you seek for every heart to be warmed.


    Give us a desire for justice,

    Tempered with mercy and love.


    In the name of Jesus we pray



    Reading: Matthew 25:31-46

    STF 687   One human family


    Prayers for January by Hazel Parsons