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    26th February 2017 – Joy and Delight

    26th February 2017 – Joy and Delight
    February 24, 2017 Judith Simms

    A treasured painting was returned to me

    After a long absence.

    It was with such joy that

    I unwrapped its well loved face and gazed upon it –

    Its familiarity blazing with memories

    Of family days on Lakeland fells.


    Will it be like that, I dare to ponder,

    Loving God,

    When finally we come into your presence,

    Having crossed the boundary

    Between this world

    And wherever Heaven might be?


    Will we gaze stupefied,

    Fall down in worship?

    Will we recognise the One

    Whose face and heart has been the reason for our living?

    How can we know?

    Sometimes, most Gracious God,

    I wonder whether it will be

    The way we each expect,

    And therefore different for each.

    Other times I feel

    The awesome fact of seeing the reality

    Of who you truly are,

    Will be beyond my mind to hold.


    You are God beyond all that is or was or will be,

    And yet, and yet,

    Somehow you chose to meet us as a baby!

    And so I ponder,

    I dare to pose the thought

    That I might see the loved face

    And be overcome and warmed

    With an almost familiar

    Joy and delight.


    Reading:   Revelation 21:1-4

    STF 17   With gladness we worship, rejoice as we sing

               5   Father, in whom we live



    Prayers for February by Hazel Parsons