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    5th March 2017 – An Uphill Struggle

    5th March 2017 – An Uphill Struggle
    March 3, 2017 Judith Simms

    Lent is the time for us to draw closer to you

    Gracious and Loving God.

    It is not that you come nearer to us,

    It is simply that we try to stay closer to you,

    To find you and recognise you,

    Because we are seeking more eagerly.


    Lent is the time when we pause

    To ask ourselves

    Hard questions,

    Wondering, sometimes,

    Whether or not we want the answers;


    that you enable us to confront the issues

    Which most trouble us:

    Pride and vanity,

    Self sufficiency,

    Lack of self esteem,

    Of self awareness,

    We can make a list.


    You ask, Gracious God,

    That we look on the Face of your Son.

    In his light and in his love

    We seek the strength

    To be your true disciples.


    You seek not to put down but to lift up.

    Recognising we have gone astray,

    You shepherd us gently back into the fold,

    You nurture us and give us back the

    Hope we need.

    You forgive and welcome

    Not once

    But over and over again

    And each time, perhaps

    We resist temptation a little better.


    As we climb the hill,

    Ascend the stairway,

    You guide our feet

    Provide wayside seats

    Offer refreshment.

    May this Lent

    Be filled with pauses to refresh and renew our living faith

    So that,

    The anticipation of the view

    Nourishes and sustains us.


    In the power of the Spirit



    Reading: Romans 12

    STF 465     Guide me O thou great Jehovah


    Prayers for March by Hazel Parsons