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    12th March 2017 – Chocolate or Not

    12th March 2017 – Chocolate or Not
    March 10, 2017 Judith Simms

    Is it better to give up chocolate

    Or to put extra in the Food Bank Box?

    Silly question,

    Why not do both?


    Is it better to fast

    Or to invite someone to share a good meal?

    Why not do both?


    Is it better to refrain from a bad habit

    Or have a jolly day out with a friend?

    Why not do both?


    Lent is not a time for either / or,

    It is not all lamentation and self scrutiny

    It is a time to share our faith,

    To exercise self discipline indeed,

    In deed!

    To share in celebrations

    With joy,

    To offer Life.


    Lent is for pausing and seeing

    The heart of the Saviour in every conversation,

    Every place

    And releasing the power of the Spirit

    Into our lives



    Lent takes us on a hard journey

    But we can pause

    Admire the view,


    And then continue.


    Lent offers nourishment


    It offers the

    Face of Jesus

    Lit by the Love of God.


    Thanks be to God



    Reading: Acts 4:32-37

    STF 239  Sent by the Lord am I


    Prayers for March by Hazel Parsons