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19th March 2017 – Mercy

19th March 2017 – Mercy
March 17, 2017 Judith Simms

We have not learned to have mercy on each other

Gracious God

Forgive us


We expect the world to somehow conjure up waves of mercy

Yet our own church family may be left without

Gracious God

Forgive us


Mercy is not about condoning wrong or evil behaviour

It is about seeking the good of both victim and perpetrator

That is a difficult thing.

Sorrow for the victim

Is too often only words!

We don’t know how to help

Gracious God

Forgive us


We condemn the guilty,

seek revenge or retribution and

somehow contrive to make things worse

We shut our eyes

And don’t know how to help

Gracious God

Forgive us


Mercy is your tender and vital gift for each one of us

When we call on you.

Without mercy we would break under the weight of guilt.


We see the Cross of Calvary

And know the cost of all our sin.

Our deliberate turning away,

Our neglect

Our disavowal

Our worship of some other god.

Gracious God

We plead for mercy

And know we must ourselves be merciful

Then mercy reaches


Lifts us up

And sets us free.


At the foot of the Cross

We see the cost,

The terrible cost

Of Mercy

And of undeserved



In your mercy grant us wisdom

For the love of Christ



Reading: Psalm 51

STF 420   Because you came and sat beside us


Prayers for March by Hazel Parsons