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26th March 2017 – The Joy of Yellow

26th March 2017 – The Joy of Yellow
March 24, 2017 Judith Simms

Yellow is the colour of this time of year

Yellow daffodils,

Primroses, early cowslips

If the weather is kind,

Celandines with their super shiny stars,

Dandelions frolicking in the fields and waysides


Yellow, yellow, yellow!


Sunbeams –

Light dancing, fracturing into tiny rainbows

The fresh bright light of the sun

Reaching the spring equinox


Laughingly climbing higher into the heavens.


Our hearts sing praise

We lift them up

Maybe suppressing the urge to dance

To shout and sing,

Yet bursting with the joy of light and love.


Joyful, dancing God

We join with you

in celebration

Celebration of the wonder of the world

The world you have sung into being.

You spoke and there it was





We hear your voice

Through brook and birdsong,

Wind whispering through leaves,

The rush of rain before it strikes the ground.

We catch your scent

In fresh air,

In blossoms bursting forth

In clear, clean water bubbling ecstatically

Over smoothed pebbles,

In freshly turned earth

And warmth of sun

On rock and wall,

In salt spray

And crushed grass.





We praise you!

Accept our wonder and our praise




Reading: Psalm 67

STF 98     Your love is amazing

         102   For the beauty of the earth


Prayers for March by Hazel Parsons