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2nd April 2017 – Passion Sunday

2nd April 2017 – Passion Sunday
March 31, 2017 Judith Simms

When you were a little boy, Jesus,

growing up with sisters and brothers

with a loving mother,

those who would come to be your closest friends

did not know you.


When you were the young man your family relied on

you made beautiful things from wood,

so we imagine,


But then, you went into the desert,

and when you came back

you were

filled and fuelled

with a purpose which revitalised

so many people.


They thought that this would,

perhaps go on for ever!


But always you knew that journey’s end

would be


A young life freely given

that all might have life,

life in all its fullness


And, in the end,

the giving of that life

was bitterly obedient,

and yet beyond our understanding –


to the ends of time itself


We, hesitantly, kneel at the Cross

and weep for a world which is still cruel.

We give thanks for the life

poured out in mercy

With so much love

that we might



Thank you Jesus



Reading: John 18:12-40

STF 277     My song is love unknown


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