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    Pentecost: The Big Surprise – 4th June 2017

    Pentecost: The Big Surprise – 4th June 2017
    June 2, 2017 Judith Simms

    They were told to wait,

    Wait together,

    And so they did.

    They prayed and wondered.

    Nor could they imagine

    What their prayer might reveal.


    Do we watch and wait?

    Do we pray with expectation

    Even when we don’t understand?


    The tongues of fire settled on each one,

    The wind blew and….

    They were set on fire

    Their doubts blown away.


    Are we set on fire?

    Are we set free?


    They burst out of the confined room.

    They praised You God,

    They gave You Glory,

    They sang and shouted,

    Shared and laughed:

    For Your Spirit burned within them

    And they were brave.


    When the fire burns within us,

    How do we reveal it?

    When the Spirit moves us,

    How do we declare it?


    The fire within them

    Warmed others and,

    Like a touch paper,

    The fire spread.


    We are reluctant to show exuberance,

    We are careful with our ecstasy,

    We contain our excitement,

    We are not like the children we could be.



    Our faces do shine!

    Our eyes do sparkle!

    Our tongues speak with love,

    Our hands reach out to help,

    Our feet run in response,

    Maybe we do not shout

                But we do sing!

    We may not preach on the street

                But we may serve there.



    Holy Spirit work within us that your


    Flows into the lives we touch.


    That your


    Flows out at need.


    That your


    Grow and grows, the

    Spilling into our communities


    Amen and Amen and Amen

    Thanks be to God



    Reading:  Acts 2:36-47

    StF 400    Wind of God, dynamic Spirit


    Prayers for June by Hazel Parsons